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AiV-FM1 Oil Consumption Collector

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  • High detection accuracy: 0.1 mm oil level height measurement, ±0.5% precision error
  • Good long - term stability: Adopts the method of ultrasonic measurement
  • Easy to install and maintain: Just put the ultrasonic probe at the bottom of the tank outside
  • Environmental protection and non-pollution: Small Energy consumption, non - contact measurement
  • High reliability: Can work normally in the harsh environment
  • Working Voltage: DC9 - 36V
  • Measuring distance: 4 cm - 100 cm
  • Resolution: 0.1 mm
  • Measurement: 0.5%
  • Working temperature: from -65°C + 80°C
  • Protection Grade: IP66








AiV-FM1 Oil Consumption Collector catalog 1.0 09.02.2017 Download


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