Transport CCTV Security (AiV)

Transport CCTV Security (AiV)

Acumen offers AiV series: Transport CCTV Surveillance systems for the most Car CCTV Security solutions in Taiwan. AiV systems include Transport CCTV Cameras, Car Surveillance Monitors, Vehicle NVRs and DVRs and Accessories.


AiV car security products are compatible with remote camera viewing CMS applications: AiV-CMS for PC based remote monitoring CCTV systems or AiV-Viewer, supported by iOS and Android mobile platforms including iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile. Acumen provides original Surveillance Software for the Transport CCTV Security systems, offering one year manufacturer warranty and free online technical support from Taiwan.


Transport CCTV equipment of Acumen has all the necessary certificates: CE and FCC verification of compliance, SGS (IP68  weatherproof test report of security camera), WH (camera resolution service report), VSCC (examination report for vehicle safety testing directions) and ARTC (vibration test report).

Transport Security Video Monitors
Taiwan Transport Security IP Monitors for CCTV surveillance
Transport Security Video Accessories
Vehicle CCTV Accessories for Transport Surveillance Systems
AiV software

Transport Security Video Cameras
Taiwan Transport Security Cameras for Car CCTV surveillance
Transport Security DVR and NVR
Taiwan Transport Security CCTV DVR, NVR for Car Surveillance